W. Ming (June, 2016 – May, 2018)

At W. Ming, I was involved in translating various exhibition descriptions, didactic materials, press releases, artists’ interviews, and publicity materials from Chinese to English. Some works are listed here:

Flaten Art Museum (September, 2014 – May, 2018)

As Museum and Collections Assistant at the Flaten Art Museum, I translated Chinese inscriptions on Asian artworks housed at the museum. These artworks include a variety of media such as ceramics, paintings, calligraphies, and bronze works. Also, I translated academic works, such as Dr. Kucera’s conference paper for 2014 International symposium on Dazu Studies,  “Continuing the Legacy of Yang Jialuo into the Digital Age”——数字化时代下传承杨家洛的馈赠.

artnet News (July – December, 2015)

As translator at artnet, I translated and edited English articles published on the artnet News website into Chinese. These works were then published on the artnet News China website and Wechat platform.

      5 Things We Learned from Justine Wheeler-Koons’s Harper’s Bazaar Puff Piece

        Camille Henrot Releases Erotic Nicki Minaj-Inspired Drawings in Wake of Live Television Confrontation

        The 8 Best Auction Scenes in Hollywood Films

        15 Pieces of Firework Art That Will Blow You Away

         Cai Guo-Qiang’s 1650-Foot Flaming ‘Sky Ladder’ Finally Succeeds

         Chicago Exhibition Gives Rare If Hilarious Glimpse of Life in North Korea—Nice Radish!

          Have Humans Evolved to Love Art?

          Controversy Surrounds Bizarre Nude Portrait of Tom Cruise Linked to Scientology

          Ai Weiwei Is Confident He Will Be Able to Return to China

          James Cohan Gallery’s Lower East Side Outpost Will Cater to Hip Art Patrons

          What Will a Sudden Influx of Wealth Do to Charlie Hebdo?

          Katy Perry’s Bid to Buy LA Convent Has New Life

         ARTnews and Art in America Merge as Print Market Continues to Decline

          6 Fascinating Facts About Nam June Paik on His Birthday

          The Surprising Secret Behind Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel Design

          Rats Swarm Rome’s Trevi Fountain and Terrorize Tourists

         Gerhard Richter Joins Baselitz And Threatens to Pull Loaned Artworks from German Museums

         New List Profiles Hollywood’s Top Ten Art Collectors—You’ll be Surprised Who’s On It

          Renowned Art Historian Georges Didi-Huberman Wins 2015 Adorno Prize

Red Gate Gallery (June – August, 2015)

As Curatorial and Collections Assistant at Red Gate Gallery, I translated introductions to individual works, artists’ statements, and exhibition introductions both from Chinese to English and English to Chinese.

  • Artists’s statements and work introductions at SURGEart

    孙颖 Sun Ying 

    郑钰 Zheng Yu

    李海云 Li Haiyun

    刘清路 Liu Qinglu

    秦建庭 Qin Jianting

    谢芳敏 Xie Fangmin

    王永学 Wang Yongxue

    李广升 Li Guangsheng

  • 史钟颖 Shi Zhongying‘s book chapters’ titles (Work in progress)

            062 物 —— 关于塑料材料的体悟

            062 Heart object ——understandings of plastics

            100 技以载道 —— 关于创作“元能”组雕的体悟

            100 Combination of Methods and creations —— understandings of creating a series of sculpture “Energy

             120 静观空境 —— 对于佛教艺术和当代艺术阶段性的相关认识

             120 Viewing on Boundary of Emptiness —— present reflections towards Buddhist art and contemporary art

             170 自由与束缚 —— 我对云的解读 

             Freedom and Limitations —— my understandings towards cloud

             180 在技术与观念之间 —— “元素 —— 金属雕塑五人展”评述(节选)

             180 Between technology and conception —— “Element —— group exhibition of metallic sculpture” commentary (selected section)

              190 《无论年代多么久远》的创作谈

              190 Talks of No matter how primitive the age‘s creation

  • Magical Theatre, Xu Bacheng’s work plan, The Opposite House, Beijing, August – October

  • Description of Li Xiaofeng’s special works for Niccolo by Marco Polo Hotel
  • Introductions of Ye Sen’s work – for CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts, China) Graduation Exhibition

              《环·原》/《Circle · Origin》

              《拆·拆》/《Dismantlement · Dismantlement》

              《一树一蛇》/《the Three, the Serpent》

                 陈家业《生活在别处》/Chen Jiaye’s Life is Elsewhere

                 潘凯《隐约》/ Pan Kai’s Indistinction

                 史钟颖 《向贾科梅蒂致敬》/ Shi Zhongying’s Homage to Giacometti

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