• My Language” – conversation with Tulku Jamyang (in Chinese).


Tulku Jamyang is making art in his studio. © Tulku Jamyang

Born in Nepal, Tulku Jamyang (TJ) is a reincarnated lama from the Nyingma linage who is recognized by many high lamas of Tibet. He is well-travelled and have studied in South India for 11 years where he studied Buddhist philosophy and rituals. Then he traveled to eastern Tibet to further study on advance meditation. After receiving the guidance from Eastern Tibet he went to short retreats in Nepal, India and Bhutan. Then he started giving talks on Buddhism to many people in Nepal, India, Bhutan, Japan, Singapore, Canada and US.

TJ uses the unique medium of incense and rice paper to create Tibetan themed art. In this interview, he explained his artistic purpose, devotion to religious life, and suggestions towards young Tibetan artists.